InvestorPlace Mission Control: Investing During the Coronavirus Panic

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The world is facing a historic market in the making. The coronavirus and our efforts to contain it have pulled investors in every which way, and Main Street needs guidance now more than ever. With InvestorPlace Mission Control, our writers and editors aim to bring readers up-to-the-second financial news, market insights and the best stock picks from market open to close during these volatile times. Read on to learn what the experts believe, and to help you avoid danger and seize opportunity as the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic.

[Check back often, as this page will be updated with more news, insights and stock picks each day the market is open.]

Trump Signs $2.2 Trillion Stimulus Bill [Friday, March 27, 4:43 p.m.]

The $2 trillion coronavirus relief stimulus bill has now been signed into law, as InvestorPlace writer Bret Kenwell notes in his “Stock Market Today” column:

“The House vote passed, putting it up to President Trump to push it through. With less than an hour to go in the regular trading session, Trump tweeted that he ‘will be signing’ it at 4 p.m. ET in the Oval Office.”

Trump did indeed sign the historic bill, which will put up to $1,200 in the pockets of individuals making less than $99,000 annually.

John Rogers: This Is a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity to Buy Stocks [Friday, March 27, 4:35 p.m.]

Over at CNBC, we have John Rogers of Ariel Investments.

John is a bright guy and a talented investor in his own right. According to John, right now is an incredible time to buy stocks:

“I think this is a maybe once in a lifetime opportunity to buy stocks at bargain prices … We’ve been around 37 years at Ariel, and I know I said that ‘once in a lifetime’ chance to buy in ’87 and again in 2008, but I do really think this is an opportunity to take advantage of the volatility, and take advantage of the market.”

Other investors echoed John Rogers sentiments. Pershing Square’s Bill Ackman eked out a tidy $2 billion sum in market hedges after warning the White House to lock down the country …

… Ackman used the $2 billion to beef up his positions in stocks such as Hilton (NYSE:HLT) and Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK.A, NYSE:BRK.B).

Matt McCall Prints a Revolution [Friday, March 27, 4:30 p.m.]

Meanwhile, in the InvestorPlace stables, legendary “hypergrowth” investor Matt McCall says the coronavirus and subsequent containment efforts will accelerate the adoption of 3D printing. Huge opportunities are ahead, according to Matt, who believes that “making parts for medical equipment needed to combat the coronavirus is just the start. The possibilities in healthcare are limitless.”

Matt’s argument for a 3D-printing resurgence is simple: The U.S.-China trade war prompted companies to look into alternatives for composite materials, and “the coronavirus has only intensified the situation,” making it harder for professionals to find parts. This was just 12 weeks after first reports of the novel coronavirus appeared. Because 3D printing only requires basic materials (the raw materials and the software), it’s once again in demand, this time driven out of both necessity and advanced in technology.

“The bottom line is that 3D printing is on the cusp of major growth that will be driven by necessity, rising demand, and advances in 3D scanning and imaging in the $12 trillion global manufacturing sector,” says Matt.

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